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Podcast 5: Lincoln Dews | Elite Level Ocean Sports, Smashing Course Records & Remaining Mentally Resilient 

  • 2 min read

Learn more about world champion paddle boarder Lincoln Dews. We discuss his background in Ironman racing and how it's shaped his approach to competing at an elite level in ocean sports today. Lincoln also shares all the details on his most recent challenge- The Yukon River Quest, a gruelling 715km paddle race in Canada. We get an insight into the preparation required for such an event and hear more about his tactics & strategy. He shares what it takes to remain mentally resilient and how to perform even when it feels like things are going wrong. Lincoln also gives us an exciting update on his next big challenge! 



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Episode Content:  

00:00:00 - Intro to Lincoln Dews 

00:00:34 - Welcome to the Radix Nutrition Podcast

00:00:48 - Ironman Racing, Surfing, Ocean & High-Performance Sport

00:06:34 - The Appeal of Endurance Events

00:08:57 - Training for Different Sporting Disciplines

00:12:10 - Preparing for the Yukon River Quest

00:14:00 - Paddle Boarding Speed vs. Canoe speed

00:15:27 - Why Choose the Yukon River Event?

00:17:59 - The Build Up to an Extreme Event

00:21:15 - Challenges and Set Backs

00:23:18 - Tactics & Strategy

00:25:12 - Lincoln’s Fuelling Strategy

00:29:41 - Breaking Away from a Controlled Sporting Environment

00:30:37 - Next Race - Doing Things Differently

00:33:06 - Racing & Metrics Used to Track Progress

00:34:49 - Carrying Extra Weight on the Board

00:35:37 - Dealing with Difficulties over an Extended Period

00:36:59 - Changes to Paddling - Salt Water vs. River Water

00:38:10 - Learning to Perform when Everything Feels Wrong

00:40:42 - Mental Resiliency

00:42:20 - 1st Place & Breaking the Record 

00:44:40 - Navigation & Sleep Deprivation

00:45:27 - The Future - What's Coming up for Lincoln