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Canterbury Rugby and Radix Nutrition Announce Official Protein Partnership

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Canterbury Rugby is pleased to announce a new partnership with Radix Nutrition, a leading provider of nutrition products designed to enhance health and performance.

Canterbury Rugby players will incorporate Radix Nutrition’s next-generation protein powders into their training regimes. Radix protein is proven to have a significantly higher absorption rate than any other protein in the market – meaning that less powder delivers more power.

“We are excited to have Radix Nutrition on board with us. We know their protein powders are of the highest quality” says Shaun Curry, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of Canterbury Rugby Union. “The physical demands of rugby have evolved considerably in recent years. Players are much faster, they cover more distance, and operate at a higher intensity. Nutrition plays a key role in their performance & recovery.”

Radix Nutrition is equally enthusiastic about the partnership. “We’re excited to team up with Canterbury Rugby Union,” says Mike Rudling, founder and CEO of Radix Nutrition. “Our commitment to enhance the health and performance of athletes aligns perfectly with Canterbury Rugby's objectives. Our protein products will help the players perform at their best.”

Radix Nutrition’s Protein Powders, Whey Protein DIAAS Complex 1.61 and Plant Protein DIAAS Complex 1.30 are designed according to the latest scientific standard for protein quality. The range also includes a variety of smoothie recovery products.

The partnership extends beyond the top tier teams to supporting clubs and members through an affiliate and referral scheme.

About Canterbury Rugby Union

The Canterbury Rugby Union is the governing body for rugby union in Canterbury, encompassing Metro, Ellesmere and North Canterbury. Their High Performance teams are some of the most successful teams in New Zealand rugby history, with numerous provincial titles across their men’s and women’s programmes.